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Dune Glow in Mojave Desert

This picture titled: "Dune Glow" can be purchased by contacting and requesting "The Dune Glow".  An 11"x17" piece of photo paper containing a slightly smaller print (smaller than 11" x 17" but larger than 9" by 12") of this image will be mailed to you once a $25 contribution is made.

BOOK SALE:  Critters of John Heinz National Wildlife Reserve - Over 500 Photos - great resolution - soft cover $51.95; hard cover with dust jacket $59.95;  hard cover image wrap $62.95 - To Order Go to   

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For prints on canvas of
Grand Canyon Steam Engine, Canyon, Beach scenes or Cross Country images of fields, specify image desired from this sitea and contact
$250 for 40" x 30" (mailed in tube);
$150 for 30" x 20"; $115 for 24" x 18"; $10 for 10" by 8"; or $75 for catalog of over 50 pix

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 from the
Holy Land

(402) 215-3224  Phone number may be obsolete. Editor tried to contact them again but only received a Sprint voice mail message. The following is left as a tribute to their talent. These works were carved from olive trees acquired from the Holy Land. The carvers were having trouble getting to the trees due to new laws about travel from Palestine to Israel. Apparently the land was owned by their family but they were not allowed to live at that location. Eminent Domain laws are not just an American injustice. May blessings follow those artists wherever they go.

Scultpure of Prayer Hands - seen in picture with multiple figures - $20 to $80 depending on size

Holy Family Sculpture - (Front and Side Close-up Views Seen in Collage to Left) - $40 to $100

Nativity Scene - $45 (Seen in Collage)

Nativity Scene Music Box (not shown - approximately 12"wide x 7"deep x 10"high - $110) - Smaller Sizes -$70 or $85

Holy Family on way to Inn - $60 - $150 depending on size

Crosses - $20 to $130
$20 cross shown to left in picture pack (NOTE: Olive Branch Leaves in right section of cross near left hand of Jesus - small rocks from Bethlehem at the foot of cross - small pebbles in section near Jesus' left hand); $130 cross (not shown) has hand carved Jesus and inlaid mother of pearl border as well as sections for stones and leaves from the Holy Land.

Jesus with crown of thorns (seen from the side on table in picture with multiple sculptures) $60 - $120

Carved Last Supper Scene ( not shown) - $350

Cross Necklace of Risen Christ - $8 or 3 for $20

Call above number to place order.

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For 20" x 30" prints, send $150 per print to via contacting Specify which image you wish to purchase. Amount includes shipping and handling.

For a 30" x 40" size, send $250 per print to via contacting Specify which image you wish to purchase.

For a catalog of prints available in these sizes, send $75 to via contacting S&H included.

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Sketches and Pix from an Open Mike Experiment in Marketing

Thank you to all who participated.

Wish you more success and venues.

Your talent is greatly appreciated.

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